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We help our clients and Harrisonburg VA business networking partners put up low cost small business websites, get them found on local search, work to keep them there, and help build a strong local twitter target market. Mark Barreres CEO of WebPromotion.com - Contact Us


If you are new to this network, take our word for it get involved - its worth it. Team play is what makes this work" - Trae Taylor - President of Peak Incentives, Inc. DC Metro Promotional Products

"Dear Mark, I would like to thank you for all the hard work that you have done to direct customers to my web site. I appreciate the fact that you are here to help me. I had recently been commissioned to supply aerial photographs for ABC Good Morning America because they found me online. Great connect, Great service. Thanks. David Showalter - Harrisonburg VA Aerial Photography

Harrisonburg Virginia Business Networking

Virginia Business Networking Events

Our mission: 1.To provide VA Businesses with the tools and strategic local networking alliances to increase their profit and leverage their marketing.

2. Help even the playing field when competing against large national franchises. Events

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Harrisonburg VA Business Coach
Jorge Gutierrez


Leadership is the hottest topic in business today. Fail-Safe Leadership advances a results based definition of leadership. It demonstrates how it's possible to grow leaders quickly, and how to align every individual's work effort directly to the company's vision and strategic plan, in order to improve a company's bottom line. Leadership means different things to many people; often mistaken by management which brings a completely different set of skills into consideration.

Gutierrez has served as the CEO for the BMOC GROUP since November 2011 and is anaccomplished and experienced Executive Coach, Business Coach, Leadership Development  Coach, Trainer and Consultant. He retired honorably from the Armed Forces and transitioned into the private sector for leadership positions. - Harrisonburg VA Business Coach

  • Develop Individuals to Achieve Business Potential Harrisonburg VA
  • Improve Employee Satisfaction, Attitudes Moral Harrisonburg VA
  • Enhance Self-Esteem Build Confidence Harrisonburg VA
  • Develop a Cohesive, Energized Team Harrionburg VA
  • Break down Barriers and Foster Cooperation Harrisonburg VA
  • Improve Organizational Profits Harrisonburg VA
  • Dedicated to helping business owners improve their profitability by working with Systems and Business Development; and Customer Service. VA Business Coach


Shenandoah Valley Diversity Business Networking


Diversity Council Shenandoah Valley - The Diversity Council is growing and expanding each month since it was revamped last year. This month we will meet to discuss our upcoming goals and meetings in the next quarter. Your input is vital to our vision and your attendance is important to us. Invite co-workers and friends to join us! - Harrisonburg VA Diversity Events

Minority Owned Businesses Build a Better Community

 These are business that create jobs that not only support individuals, but also contribute to the economic well-being of their families, their communities, and create a richer cultural that enhances Harrisonburg VA as creative unified community. - Minority-Owned Businesses Harrisonburg VA


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Quality Dental Care In Harrisonburg VA

Harrisonburg VA Dental Care

Every member of our team is committed to providing the highest standard of professional care to each patient.

Dental Implant Harrisonburg VA - Tooth Extraction Harrisonburg VA
Wisdom Tooth Extractions Harrisonburg VA


Shenandoah Valley Insurance Quotes

It is our vision to be the largest, most recognized and respected insurance agency in Virginia markets with regard to group health, individual health, Medicare products, life, and fixed annuities.

Harrisonburg VA Health Insurance Quotes - Harrisonburg VA Financial Insurance Services - Virginia Medicare Supplement

 Life Insurance For VA Residents - Term life and GUL rate quotes for Virginia residents are now QUICK to obtain and EASY to apply for. Shop among a variety of carriers on your own time and let a local agency assist you with the application process when ready. Shop life insurance rates in Winchester, Leesburg, Manassas, Fairfax, Richmond, Charlottesville, Roanoke, Virginia Beach and all other areas of Virginia.

Virginia Fixed Annuities - Fixed annuities can offer many benefits. One is the opportunity to receive the contract’s value in a stream of income (or monthly paycheck) lasting as long as you live. You can call it “Income Insurance” for your retirement years. You’ll never outlive your monthly payments. Also, unlike traditional annuities, upon death, your beneficiary receives the full accumulation value balance.


Harrisonburg VA FREE Business Classifieds

FREE Classifieds for Fredericksburg Business. Our free classified ads were designed to encourage on line business opportunities in Virginia. You can use as a local forum or it to buy and sell automobiles, real estate for sale by owners, find renters and business people who understand the power of the Internet and much more.

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Shenandoah Valley Wedding Vendors

Virginia Wedding Business Networking
Harrisonburg VA Weddings

Harrisonburg VA Wedding Photography

Wedding Dance Lessons Shenandoah Valley - Shenandoah Valley Wedding Carriage - Shenandoah Valley Musicians - Harrisonburg VA Wedding Photography - Winchester VA High End Wedding Photography

Pig Roaster Shenandoah Valley -  Valley Pig Pickin' LLC provides full service on-site BBQ catering  for big or small weddings. No matter how you spell it...BBQ, Barbecue, Bar-B-Q, Barbeque...we do it best....from the Shenandoah Valley to Northern Virginia, Central Virginia, Richmond Metro, Maryland and West Virginia...call us first!  -  Catering Shenandoah Valley

"Moving to a new area in 2006 meant that I would be competing for local business with photographers who had been servicing the community for years, even decades. your services have allowed me to make myself known in the area and build a loyal customer base. I attribute much of my early and continued success to my great search-engine placement, and you were the one who put me there! Thank You! - Julie Napear

Shenandoah Valley Wedding Photography - DC Metro Wedding Photographers

Virginia Wedding Business Networking - Are you in the wedding business in Virginia? Or one of the DC Metro Wedding Vendors

VABusinessNetworking.com is leading the way for Virginia Wedding Businesses to take advantage of online business networking. We are here to support and attract a growing number of wedding business networkers in Virginia, and to our Washington DC Wedding Business Network site.

Helping our Shenandoah Valley Wedding clients and business networking partners put up affordable small business websites, get them found on local search, work to keep them there, and help build a strong local twitter target market.


Shenandoah Valley Web Development

Web Development Harrisonburg

Picking a platform to build your small business website is like choosing a floor plan for a new house. A simple search turns up an overwhelming number of options, and whittling them down to one that meets your needs at an affordable price point is time consuming.

Call Us we are here to help you! Your Harrisonburg VA Web Development Team at WebPromotion.com

Our services include: Harrisonburg VA Small Business Web Design - New Web Site Creation H'burg - Old Web Site Redesign for Small Business and Search Engine Optimization for Shenandoah Valley Business.

Eric Safstrom

The world of Web Designers and SEO experts has become a cluttered mess in recent years. Navigating these treacherous waters takes a strong will and, at times, a strong stomach. However, for your small business website to have a measure of success, a good SEO strategy is necessary.

Mark and Rob at WebPromotion.com are GREAT to work with!

We help all kinds of Business Professional Virginia like: Accountants, Auditors, Bankers, Book Keeping Services, Business Communication Companies, Lawyers, Solicitors, Investors, Entrepreneurs, SME’s, Tax Advisors, Asset Finance Providers, Importers, Exporters, Business Advisors, Financial Advisors, Business Help Support, Property Consultants, Pension Advisors, TV Marketing Companies, Manufacturing Companies, New Start up Business Grant Support Consultants, Marketing Consultants, Computer Services, IT Support, Media Consultants, Debt Recovery and Credit Control Services, Printers, Recruitment Services, Professional Business Coaches, Security Firms, Large and Small Companies, Company Chairman, Managing Directors, Senior Directors, Senior Management, Partnerships, Proprietors, Sole Traders, and decision makers.

"What sets Mark and his ShenandoahConnection.com network apart from other so called SEO providers and web development company is the following combination: Despite asking a low price for his services, he simply delivers. With Mark you are guaranteed to get traffic to your website. So, why should someone hire Mark? 1) results - guaranteed to get traffic to your website 2) price 3) he keeps delivering I happily and full of confidence am introducing (or already have) Mark to all my clients. This is how business ought to be. Go Mark!" - Rene Hollebrandse

Mark Barreres at 540-335-8190



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