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Less than 2% of patented products make it to market, while there are billions of
non-patented inventions on the market. -
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Inventing is a business like any other business, it takes time capital and perseverance to be successful.  There are all kinds of inventions.  Some are in the public domain and may not be patentable, but are worth producing.  Some inventions, if they have some unique utility are worth patenting.  A patent is not a requirement. 

There are certain steps that you need to take your invention to development. You have already come up with the basic idea for a product you hope will find a receptive market.

You need to take some steps before you decide to license your idea. Licensing allows a particular company to use your invention exclusively, for a term, or as one of many. This will also be the time for you to file for a patent, which is what you would be licensing.

Now you need to design and make a prototype of your invention. This will take your idea from paper to three dimensions. This is perhaps the most exciting time for an inventor. Your idea is finally real. The next step is to send the prototype to manufacturing companies for quotes. Many companies will require a 3-D CAD (computer aided design) as well.

Once the prototype has been sent to the manufacturers, you will be put in direct contact with them and the final decisions on how to proceed will be up to you. After that time, it's good to have a liaison between yourself and manufacturers or help with marketing your invention. Need more info? Contact Us

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