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To provide VA Businesses with the tools and strategic local networking alliances to increase their profit and leverage their marketing in an ever changing world...

Virginia Business Networking

Small Business Networking for Virginia Business

Our mission is to provide Virginia Small Businesses with a cost effective way to level the playing field when competing against large national chains.

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Business Networking Events in Virginia

Let's bring together regional business people as well as wedding professionals, musicians
and music promoters together once a month.

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NOVA DC Metro Business Expo

DC Metro Business Networking Events

It is a major Expo with over 100 exhibitors and sponsors showcasing their products/services to some 300 to 400 attendees. We have been doing this for over 10 years and per the reports it gets better each and every time!

How Valuable is it, and what's it all about?
How many days would it take anyone to make a person to person contact and have some kind of conversation with 400 to 500 different potential clients?

Well, at our expo you can get that done in 6 hours or less!!! This is one of the reason it is called the "ULTIMATE NOVA BUSINESS EXPO"!

Friday May 11, 2018
 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Event Location: American Legion Post 177 3939 Oak St Fairfax, VA 22030

It is a major event with some 80 exhibitors and sponsors showcasing their products/services and scores of attendees. We have been doing this for over 13 years and per the reports it gets better each and every time! 

NOVA Business Expo



Asian American Business Networking Events DC Metro

Hello Everyone my name is Cindy Shao

I'd like to invite you to our next Asian American Business Networking event. Connect and engage with leading Asian & Pacific American businesses and organizations - Expand your business education Grow your business contacts, grow your business - Build great partnerships

Feel to get in touch with me anytime. Cindy Shao -
Telephone: 703-752-6292

Asian American Chamber of Commerce
P.O.Box 1900 Centreville, VA 20122

Asian American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) is dedicated to improving the economic development for Asian Pacific American owned businesses in VA/DC/MD. - Asian American Business Networking

Asian American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) facilitates the growth and development of member businesses through AACC sponsored events such as business networking programs, Business Expo, Business Development Workshops, Seminars and other special events. AACC provides a platform for our members to network and market their products and services.

Asian American Businesses generated over 52% of the total revenues generated by all minority businesses. AACC provides a link to Asian & Pacific business communities in Greater Washington area. It's a great platform for corporation to reach out to local Asian & Pacific market.

Asian American Business Summit

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the Asian-American population grew by 43% between 2000 and 2010 to more than 15 million. The Asian-American population comprises sixgroups that account for 86 percent of the Asian-American population (22% Chinese, 20% Indian, 18% Filipino, 11% Vietnamese, 10% Korean, and 5% Japanese). The three next largest groups, Pakistanis, Hmong, and Cambodians together account for another 6% of the Asian American population.


Virginia Diversity Business Networking Events

Shenandoah Valley Diversity Business Networking


Diversity Council Shenandoah Valley - The Diversity Council is growing and expanding each month since it was revamped last year. This month we will meet to discuss our upcoming goals and meetings in the next quarter. Your input is vital to our vision and your attendance is important to us. Invite co-workers and friends to join us! - Diversity Council Harrisonburg VA

Virginia Diversity Business Networking - We believe that diversity unlocks innovation and drives business growth. Forum



Shenandoah Valley Business Networking
by &

Winchester Business TEAM Technology and Business Network:

We are passionate about networking and connecting team players to grow small business in Winchester VA. Our Team Technology Referral Business Network was created in 2006 by the founder of  We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of every month in Winchester VA for training programs, business development, and most importantly, quality business relationships.

Small but powerful face-to-face-business networking, events once a month in Winchester VA as well as Virtual (on-line) networking and customized networking groups using Skype.

Incredible SEO! TEAM delivers “unmatched in the industry” web presence for FREE to all members.
A jump start to your business success with our “New Member Training”.
Networking education – workshops, monthly network training.

Opportunities to build long lasting business relationships!

Contact Us >>>

Winchester VA Business Networking Event

People supporting this business networking event in Winchester VA with recive FREE services
Call Mark for more info: 540-335-8190 -
Winchester VA Business Directory

We bring together Shenandoah Valley business people as well as Shenandoah Valley Wedding Professionals,
musicians and music promoters together once a month.

Harrisonburg VA Business Networking

 Shenandoah Valley Twitter Page

Coming Soon to both Harrisonburg and Staunton VA

For more info or ideas and suggestions call Mark Barreres at 540-335-8190 since 2000.

"I help our clients and business networking partners put up low cost small business websites, get them found on local search, work to keep them there, and help build a strong local twitter target market." Mark Barreres,



Community Business Network Northern Virginia

Community Business Network Northern VA

NOVA Business Network & Community Service - The Community needs us to grow. We need the Community to grow - Help those who need help in the Northern VA Community - Members Bios

Founder: Dennis Bell real estate agent in Northern Virginia, and a lifelong resident and know all the neighborhoods in Arlington, Fairfax, Prince William and Loudoun Counties. - Northern Virginia Realtor

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Also see:  IT4DC Business Networking Events

The mission is to facilitate a regularly scheduled, quality social/business event for people who are genuine, charismatic, eclectic, personable, international and friendly, allowing the members to build credible, strong, trusting relationships that deliver professional results and great social experiences.

The vision is that over time, the group will grow and that members will develop a confidence and trust that their group (it belongs to us all) represents all walks of life and one can seek help (whether it be a car mechanic, real estate agent, software partner, or golfing friends) knowing this is a trusted club of referrals, willing to assist each other to the success of everyone.  - more info


David and Jan Snow Business Virginia Networking Events

For years, Virginia business leaders Jan Snow and David Snow had a vision few recognized. They shared a belief and passion that Virginia could support a business networking and referral program like Smart Guy Meetups and thrive. It has been a great journey for many and we continue to learn and innovate as we grow. Join us, as we share contacts, ideas and business referrals across Virginia.

Local Simplicity Virginia Business Networking
Fredericksburg Virginia

Simply Meet Ups VA sole vision to be the local leader in uniting
Northern Virginia by connecting people, small businesses and communities.

“Growing your business, is our business” How To Increase Your Sales and Improve Your Cash Flow…

Imagine paying the majority of your marketing budget directly with your products and services NOT cash. Over 300,000 small businesses in North America do exactly that using Barter, the age-old practice that continues to contribute to billions of dollars in commercial transactions each year.

The mission of Simplicity Barter is to help grow your business, by providing a simple marketing plan that allows you to easily trade your products and service for critical business need.

Simplicity Incorporated
1401 Kings Highway
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22405
(540) 374-0505

Join our Barter Business Network! Interestingly, one of unexpected added benefits of bartering is the relationships that are built between small businesses. This can form a very basic strategic partnership. The bartering relationship fosters trust, support, and an interest in the other business prospering. Sometimes, especially when the businesses are complementary, the business relationship turns out to be an even bigger asset than the cash savings from bartering. more info

Member of Fredericksburg Virginia Business Networking

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Virginia Business Networking Forum

Discuss any Virginia Business issues on our FREE VA Business Networking Forum. Feel free to use it as a the trading post to swap ideas and skills, trade services or barter time. Just starting helping others!

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Virginia Business Networking Forum

Coming Soon: "1st Wednesday's Businesss Networking"

Business Networking Ruckersville Virginia

Ruckersville VA Business Networking Events


Shenandoah County Business Connection Zone Meetings at:

Shenandoah Valley Business Networking
by since 2002

Bringing business people in the Shenandoah Valley together in one place.
Harrisonburg VA Business and Winchester VA Business in Shenandoah County VA

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